Will A Bodybuilding Hobby Lead To A Destructive Muscle Building Obsession?

Published: 25th March 2009
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Weight training is a hobby that requires discipline and consistency in order to encourage dramatic muscle gain, with weight lifters committing themselves to regular workouts, consuming strict meal plans, and attempting to achieve sufficient rest each night for recovery. For those who have the time to conveniently perform a weight training session each day, and who are able to observe the proper meal plan without difficulty, bodybuilding does not become an overwhelming chore, but certain weight lifters lack any organization whatsoever, and find themselves struggling to integrate life with proper weight training and diet variables, yet they feel so attracted to producing muscle building or fat loss progress that they begin abdicating responsibilities in other, far more critical areas of life in favor of their bodybuilding pursuits.

This is why proper scheduling is of paramount importance to bodybuilding success, as having a specific time devoted to bodybuilding, as well as segments of the day where meals are consumed, will ensure that there is no constant struggle to choose between bodybuilding sessions and family or work. Yet, even those who structure weight training and diet around a daily, organized regimen many times will encounter unexpected scenarios that force them to rearrange their day, and for those who become obsessive over muscle gain, this can produce substantial internal stress, to the point where other far more vital aspects of life are set aside in favor of a workout. For most, proper scheduling is sufficient to avoid any regular occurrences that promote skipped meals or abandoned weight lifting workouts, but life many times offers unexpected inconveniences, and when bodybuilding begins to take on a far more important meaning in life than that of its true classification (a hobby), relationships and our obligation to helping others can suffer substantially, leading to a loss of proper perspective on the meaning of our very existence.

Bodybuilding, as a hobby, in and of itself is innocent, and does not need to become a narcissistic pursuit used to base every aspect of confidence and self worth upon, yet for some, this is precisely what transpires, and bodybuilders begin valuing themselves based upon the level of attention they receive from others, which correlates with the amount of muscle mass that they carry on a given day. Steroids complicate this matter further, as a bodybuilder establishes a status quo that is based on drug abuse, and to maintain an identical level of superficial support and attention from others, steroids need to remain a constant, and this leads to a strong psychological addiction, both to drugs and the bodybuilding lifestyle.

Many families are harmed by addictions of all types, including alcohol, drugs, and pornography, but while few view physical fitness as a dangerous pursuit, bodybuilding is a hobby that can generate obsessive feelings that will separate a weight lifter from others, to the point where life begins to revolve around a mere diet and workout plan, with all else occupying a lower priority. This skewed psychological framework destroys marriages, causes a level of obsession with self that eventually leads to infidelity, and will result in a level of sadness and grief that can lead to severe depression and a plethora of addictions, such as those mentioned.

To avoid such introverted thinking, a bodybuilder must make sure that he or she can place the hobby in proper perspective, knowing that a meaningful existence is based upon how we love God and others, with making those who surround us feel special and wanted ranking far above whether we have a certain sized biceps muscle or ripped abs; giving to others is what fuels true happiness. Yet, this does not in any way suggest that bodybuilding is contradictory to a well adjusted, selfless existence, as the vast majority, with proper scheduling, can easily integrate a potent bodybuilding program into their lifestyle without harming relationships or daily obligations, yet for this to occur, organization is of utmost importance. Those who do not follow a structured timetable towards daily activities feel burdened by what they must accomplish, but if carefully analyzing their day, will find that much time was squandered specifically due to haphazard living.

Therefore, to reduce the chance that bodybuilding will conflict with life's more pressing concerns, choose specific weight lifting diet and workout times that do not adversely impact family, friends or work, and do so with the mindset that if unexpected distractions surface, you will rearrange your schedule to focus upon the most critical concerns first, so that bodybuilding compliments a joyous, well adjusted life, as opposed to severing the peace and harmony that we all aim for.

Francesco Castano authors MuscleNOW.com, a natural bodybuilding program for building muscle mass without supplements or drugs. He also owns FatVanish.com, teaching exactly how to lose fat without supplements.

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